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Power station specifications

  • Seventy percent (70.6%) of the feedstock would come from native forest
  • The rest would come from plantation pine, with the possibility in the future that municipal waste may be added.
  • The furnace would generate 20MW, of which 25% would become electricity. Thus 5MW would be generated (i.e.; 75% wastage).
  • In 2010, the chipmill’s own requirements will be 6,500 MWh per year. The plant will generate 31,000 MWh so a surplus of 25,000 will be available to feed into the grid.
  • SEFE claims virtually no emissions will be produced.
  • Total investment will be $18-22 million, to be completed in 2010.

    Department of Planning documentation

The plant will depend on the continued existence of the woodchipping industry; with more than 70% of feedstock coming from native forests – either fines from the chipmill or sawmills or waste from the chipmill.

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