Caption for photos: Pallets discarded at the Eden tip.

Statement for media

SERCA says to ‘no’ chipmill expansion

The South East Region Conservation Alliance (SERCA) is strongly encouraging supporters to lodge objections to the Eden woodchip mill Development Application (DA) currently before the Bega Valley Shire Council.

SERCA Deputy Convenor, Harriett Swift said that the approval of the new capacity for the chipmill would entrench woodchipping and ensure that the region’s forests and wildlife have no chance to recover from the recent bushfires, with worse outcomes for regional rainfall and regional industries including agriculture, oyster farming and tourism.

“It also defies science on climate and bushfire risk,” she said.

The DA will give the owners a monopoly over all trees felled in the Eden Region and make it one of the biggest native forest mills in Australia.

Allied Natural Wood Exports wants to build a new pallet mill, a briquette plant and sawmill to process sawlogs into laminated and other unspecified products, as well as the woodchips it already produces.

The company has already been allocated the Eden Region sawlog Wood Supply Agreement, on condition that it builds the proposed new mill. In other words, it must build the new facility if it is the keep this right to buy sawlogs.

“While the Bega Valley Shire Council is the consent authority for this DA, the negative impacts of the project, if approved, with extend far beyond the boundaries of the shire and the state.”

Ms Swift said that detailed reasons for SERCA’s objection to the DA are available on the group’s website at:

Closing date for submissions to Bega Valley Shire Council is 13th May 2020.

6 May 2020