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Chronology of Woodchipping in SE NSW


1969 Eden woodchip mill established by Harris- Daishowa (HDA) to chip and export native forest wood “waste”. This was Australia’s first export woodchip mill and the first overseas mill of Daishowa Paper Manufacturing Co. Chipper was commissioned on 28 November 1969

First woodchips exported.

1999 Regional Forest Agreement for the Eden Region signed 20 August 1999
2001 Regional Forest Agreement for the Southern Region signed24 April 2001

Nippon Paper took over Daishowa Paper Manufacturing Company


HDA changed its name to South East Fibre Exports (SEFE)


SEFE exceeds 1 million tonnes of exports for the first time

2008 SEFE announces plans to build a wood fired power station generating 5.5MW electricity at the Eden chipmill.
2008 A chipper to process plantation pine was installed.
2009 Application to build wood fired power station lodged with NSW State Government.

Pilot wood pellet plant built.

2011 April. SEFE makes its first loss.
2012 April. SEFE makes second loss.
2012 November 27th SEFE withdraws its application to NSW Government to build the wood fired power station and announces that the pellet plant would not proceed beyond the pilot stage.
2012 December 19th pellet plant closed
2013 April SEFE makes third consecutive loss
2014 May 12th. SEFE announces it will take no further logs from Vicforests after 31/12/ 2014 when its contract ended (decision made by Nippon Paper board).
2014 July 24th SEFE cancels a port sharing agreement with Eastern Iron which would have provided it with an additional cash flow. Again, this decision was made by Nippon Paper in Tokyo.
2015 December 23rd SEFE sold to Melbourne based company, Allied Natural Wood Exports (ANWE), a $2 company.

June 6th. Chipmill export jetty and woodchip loader destroyed in a storm.

2016 November. Re-opening of the jetty and loader following the rebuilding of the jetty.
2019 January 1st. Chipmill Wood Supply Agreement expires.

August 26th Eden Regional Forest Agreement expires.


April. Southern Region Regional Forest Agreement expires.


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