A "conservationist" view of our forests?

To see logging industry heavyweight, Rob de Fegely described (BDN 24/8/22) as a “conservationist” is almost as surprising as seeing the rapacious Tasmanian State owned logging company whose board he chairs –– called “Sustainable Timber Tasmania.”

Mr de Fegely has held more powerful and influential logging industry jobs than Scott Morrison ever held in his own Government.

In this region, especially after the bushfires, the logging industry is driven more than ever by low value, destructive export woodchipping. Without export woodchipping, native forest logging would have ended decades ago, as it has in other countries such as NZ and Chile.

In Australia, WA and Victoria have announced decisions to end native forest logging by 2024 and 2030 respectively.

If Mr de Fegely wants a better environmental outcome for our forests, he is well placed to change it.  

Harriett Swift

29 August 2022