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Bega Valley Shire Council has requested the following
issues be subject of specific assessment:

       A noise and acoustic study and assessment will be required including vibration studies, noting the location of Edrom Lodge in this regard.  The noise study should be conducted in accordance with the DECC Industrial Noise Policy.

       A full study and assessment of the supply and disposal of the cooling water (marine) is required.  This should include treatment and any conditioning required as well as a comprehensive study and assessment of the potential impact of thermal pollution with water being returned to the Bay at approximately 20 degrees C higher than ambient water temperature.

       A full study and assessment of the sustainability of the existing fresh water supply for steam generation is required.  The study should also include existing water quality and any conditioning requirements as well detail the storage of any conditioning chemicals. It should also include full details of the turbine management and cleaning procedures including chemicals used and storage requirements for same.

       A full air quality assessment is required including FORMTEXT  stack emissions and controls and dust control.

       A full assessment of stormwater management is required including management options.