Number  %
Mature forest logs    111 72.5
Thinnings/regrowth        29  19
Chips (sawmill residue)     13 8.5
Total    153 100

Note: counting ended at 5pm, and trucks were still arriving in significant numbers.
Our position in this occasion was some distance along Edrom road, so we did not record whether trucks were travelling from the north or the south.
We bailed out at 5.00pm, so it is most likely that the final tally would have been at least equal to the previous record 163. Trucks were still rolling in as we left. Having spent the night there in our swags for a 4.30am start, we felt it was time to go.
Other highlights:

  1. A visit from the chipmill General Manager, Peter Mitchell (6.30am), who pulled up and stared at us from his gold Prado for a few minutes before continuing on to work.
  2. A visit from Senior Constable Ellis of the Eden police who had been summoned by chipmill management and wanted to know what we were up to.

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